Cheetah Introduced into Mziki Private Game Reserve

In an unprecedented milestone for our reserve, we are thrilled to welcome the first cheetah into Mziki Game Reserve! In the words of our manager Devon, this is such a surreal and emotional moment for everyone here at Mziki. We look forward to seeing how Mziki Game Reserve evolves and changes with the introduction of […]

Best Game Reserves in South Africa For You

South Africa is renowned for its diverse wildlife and breathtaking game reserves. It is a dream destination for nature and wildlife lovers. Whether you’re seeking a thrilling safari adventure, a family-friendly getaway, or a luxurious retreat, South Africa has something to offer for every kind of traveller. In this article, we have compiled a list […]

Your Guide to Tipping on Safari

Tipping on safari is not mandatory, but it’s a very good gesture of appreciation that significantly impacts the livelihoods of those working in the industry. It shows gratitude for the services provided and supports the welfare of workers and their communities. In this guide, we provide you with essential tips on tipping on safari, who […]

Safari North West Province: Where To Stay And What To Do

The North Western Province of South Africa is a hidden gem for safari enthusiasts, offering breathtaking wildlife encounters, stunning natural landscapes, and unforgettable activities for people looking to have the time of their life. This province has something to offer everyone. In this article, you will understand why you should visit the North Western Province, […]

National Parks vs. Private Game Reserves: Planning Your Perfect Safari

Picture this: you’re sipping your morning coffee, surrounded by the African wilderness, when a giraffe casually strolls by. No! It’s not a scene from a Disney movie; it’s the magic of South Africa. The decision between visiting one of South Africa’s iconic national parks or opting for a private game reserve experience is at the […]

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Mziki Lodge is temporarily closed for some exciting renovations. You can still browse our website and enquire as normal. The lodge will be opening again on the 8th July 2024.